Download Smell Report Data for Allegheny County

We take every precaution to protect any personally identifiable data. All information shown on the public map visualization for Smell PGH is anonymous and location data is skewed to protect your privacy. Personal contact information you enter in the settings tab is not stored in our database. Our backend database only contains anonymous User IDs created by your app service (Apple or Google Play).

This data is in a CSV format. You can open it in Google Sheets, Excel, or any text editor. Each smell report is a unique line item. Each field in the line is separated by commas. Data fields include:

  • Date and time of smell report
    • You can choose to download the data in UTC time or your local time
    • Your local time will be the time stamp on the machine you use to download the data
    • The date/time will be formatted as follows: 06/01/2016 01:47:52 -04:00
    • In the example above, the "-04:00" at the end of the string indicates time zone
  • Smell value (a number 1 through 5, with 5 being the most severe)
  • Skewed latitude and longitude coordinates of smell report location
    • To protect user privacy, actual locations are NOT shown
    • lat/lon coordinates are randomly assigned, within a short radius of the actual location
  • Zip code of smell report location
  • Smell description and symptoms linked to odor (if provided)
Select the Pittsburgh city or enter ZIP codes:
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Select a timezone:
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Download data in csv format:

Looking for a more specific data query? Visit Smell PGH API to learn more about our API.

Smell Report Highlight Reel

The following video animates the daily summary of smell reports. Each frame in the video represents one day.